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Visit Mai Po

Public Guided Tour in Mai Po
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We welcome public visit to Mai Po

A haven for thousands of migratory birds during autumn and winter, and bustling with vibrant insect life and plump gei wai shrimp in the spring and summer, the wetlands around the Mai Po marshes and Inner Deep Bay offer visitors a chance to experience Hong Kong’s biodiversity first-hand.
As reserve manager of this designated Ramsar site and protected site of scientific interest, WWF can help make visiting Mai Po easier by assisting with organized tours.

Public Guided Tour

WWF organizes numerous tours of the Mai Po Nature Reserve, suitable for individual visitors, students and teachers, and specialists.

WWF’s public guided tours of Mai Po are the best and simplest way to experience the beauty of this truly unique and ecologically diverse wetland location. Guided by a nature interpreter, the tour follows a designated trail that explores the gei wai (traditional shrimp ponds), boardwalk and natural habitats of wild lifes, as well as the birdwatching hides.


Online booking

Participate in our public guided visit to discover the Mai Po natural environment and to know about WWF's conservation efforts. Book your tour!

  Exploring Mai Po (Cantonese)



Aerial view of the Mai Po Nature Reserve Centre 
	© Martin Harvey
Check out how to get to Mai Po by public transport or by private car here.


	© Sze Wong / WWF - Hong Kong
The Reserve is a restricted area under the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance (Chapter 170). In order to minimize disturbance to wildlife, all visitors are expected to behave responsibly and observe codes of entry downloadable here.

Teacher & Student Tours

The vast biodiversity of the Mai Po Nature Reserve makes it a key site for students and educators to learn about our environment first-hand, outside of the classroom. Ranging from primary, secondary, tertiary and above, WWF offers a number of on-site educational programmes in Mai Po.
  • The Mai Po Nature Reserve is listed in the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance of Hong Kong and access to the area is restricted. Individual enters into or be within the restricted area without a permit issued by the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, may be liable to a fine. For enquiries about the permit, please call 2708 8885 or send it to