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You turned off the lights for one hour on 24 March. Thanks everyone! Now we’re asking you to go beyond Earth Hour. Take up our Energy Challenge. We are inviting individuals, schools and offices to make a pledge to cut electricity use by 1% over a 12-month period. It could be the last school year, the last financial or calendar year. It doesn’t matter. Cut 1 percent, save one planet. What a deal.
For the next year (six electricity bills for residential customers) enter the number of units you consume every two months. If everyone in Hong Kong reduced their electricity use by 1% it would save 440 million kWh – the same as planting 1000 Kowloon Parks with trees.
Click here to pledge now. It’s easy.
Earth Hour lights off 
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Earth Hour lights off
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Tips for saving electricity


  • Make sure projectors, lighting, air conditioning units, and computer equipment are turned off when a room or office is not in use
  • Use natural lighting and light zoning in the home/office. This means turning off the lights near the window during daytime. Make sure the light switches are individually marked so staff and students know which switch is for which lights.
  • Make sure energy saving settings (e.g. sleep mode) is used on computers and other appliances.
  • Set the air conditioning (thermostat setting) to 24 degrees Celsius in winter and 26 degrees Celsius in summer.


  • If no-one is at home, make sure windows and blinds are closed during summer months so the home is nice and cool when you return in the evening.
  • Make sure you don’t heat too much water when you make drinks.
  • Replace your light-bulbs and compact fluorescent lightbulbs with LEDs.
  • When you buy a new appliance choose the most energy efficient model you can. The energy label, as well as having a one to five rating, also gives the precise annual power consumption which is a better guide to the best product than the 1 to 5 grade.

Schools and offices

  • See if there is any other equipment that can be switched off over the weekend. Printers and water chillers/heaters can guzzle electricity.
  • Has a green committee been established in your company/office?
  • Have any environmental or energy saving policies, guidelines and reminders been implemented in your company/office?
  • Make your office dress code “smart casual” so people can dress appropriately for the season

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