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WWF-Hong Kong’s longest-running supporter event, Big Bird Race, is now open for registration! The event involves local and overseas bird-watching teams attempting to spot and record the greatest number of bird species in a 12-hour period. Teams can start anywhere in Hong Kong, but must complete the race at Mai Po Nature Reserve.

The first Big Bird Race in 1984 was instrumental in securing WWF management of the Mai Po Nature Reserve. The money raised from last year’s event helped to restore the habitat at gei wai #16/17 and this year’s funds will be used to desilt gei wai #3/4. This will increase the fish and shrimp population, providing a better habitat for waterbirds.

Theme Bird 2018

Common name: Spotted redshank
Scientific name: Tringa erythropus
Body length: 29-32cm
Estimated population in Hong Kong: 2,500 in 1987, 397 in 2012
Range: Breeds in North Eurasia and winters in South Eurasia and Africa

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2018 Winning Teams



Most Birds Seen – Champion
Most Birds Seen – 1st Runner Up
The Professionals
Most Birds Seen – 2nd Runner Up
All Stars
Bird of the Day
Jebsen Eagles
Amur Falcon
Wetland Specialist
Taiwan Mikado Pheasant 
Dip of the Day
House Swift
Overseas Cup
China - Feiyu
University Cup
HKU - Swire Birdbrains


Most Birds Seen – Champion

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Overseas Cup

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University Cup

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