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Become a Member

By joining WWF you'll become a local part of the global effort to protect the environment and reduce our ecological footprint. As a member, you will be kept up-to-date on local, regional and global environmental issues through receiving WWF's About Life quarterly magazine(s) as well as a free tour to visit Mai Po. Other membership offers are also available.
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Membership Renewal

The continued support of members allows us to strengthen our programmes and develop long-term goals to educate the next generation. WWF greatly values long-standing members as active contributors to conservation efforts.

Street Fundraising

Street Fundraising

WWF street fundraisers, who operate in various locations around Hong Kong, they help to raise fund for our projects through introduce environmental protection work, and help spreading the conservation messages. Our fundraising ambassadors are in uniforms and carry ID badges, to invite the public to join our monthly donor programme. With the crucial help of donations, you will be making a positive impact to the future of our natural world. Show your support when you meet them. (Monthly donation will only be made by credit card or bank autopay for the programme.)
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