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ECF Sea Without Litter

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Every sea-goer loves clean seas and a thriving and vibrant marine ecosystem. For individuals and businesses working in the marine recreational sector, these conditions support their livelihoods and allow them to thrive. However, marine recreation in Hong Kong faces an unpleasant and unnecessary obstacle: our unclean sea conditions often keep people away from the seashore and out of the water. Things don’t have to be this way though! We believe that the marine sector can play an active role in reducing marine litter and keeping our seas clean. By taking action, you will demonstrate to your members, customers and stakeholders how much you care about our marine environment.
We invite all sea-going recreational groups and businesses, including yacht clubs, water sports associations, dive clubs, boat rental businesses, tourism businesses, fishing clubs and more, to join our one-year programme, ECF Sea Without Litter, to become green mariners and combat marine litter together!

Programme goals:
  1. Raise the awareness of marine users about the marine litter problem and its impacts;
  2. Enlist marine users to prevent marine litter through following a code of conduct;
  3. Encourage marine users to sort and recycle litter; and 
  4. Inspire marine user groups to participate in creating a long-term solution. 

Project details

The programme will last for one year, from April 2017 to April 2018, and will be divided into four areas:

1. Educate your members!
  • Invite your members to WWF educational seminars
  • Display WWF educational materials at your centre or on your vessels
  • Inform your members, customers and other stakeholders about the programme and encourage them to follow the code of conduct

2. Take action!
  • Follow the code of conduct created by WWF
  • Phase out disposable products in your daily operations
  • Install recycling bins provided by the programme on board your vessel or at your centre
  • Invite your members to monitor the waste generated during operations by weighing it and keeping records for the duration of the programme
  • Organize a WWF-supported clean-up activity for your members
  • Report marine litter black spots to WWF and the government

3. Be part of the solution!
  • Improve your green performance and become a role model for other businesses in your sector
  • Join a WWF brainstorming workshop – voice your opinions and suggestions and WWF will submit them to the government

4. Let the world know
  • Show your dedication by displaying stickers from the programme on your vessel or at your centre
  • List your organization as a participant on the WWF website
  • Share your experience with the media or at interviews
  • Complete the programme and receive a certificate

Join us

All interested parties can register here

For enquiries, please contact:
Ms Kwong Chi Yu
Project Officer, Marine
E-mail: / Tel: 21619653
This project is sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee.
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