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Specialist Tour

Pied Kingfisher in Mai Po
© Kong Fan Mak

Individual Permit

You have to join as a member of WWF-Hong Kong if you wish to use our facilities within the Reserve, such as birdwatching hides and the Floating Boardwalk.

You will also need a 'Mai Po Marshes Entry Permit' to enter the Reserve which you can apply for by writing to: 

The Director, Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department, 5/F - 7/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong 

or by fax (852) 2377 4413.

For enquiries about the 'Mai Po Marshes Entry Permit', please call 2708 8885 or send it to mailbox@afcd.gov.hk.

You need to hold a Frontier Closed Area (FCA) Permit issued by the Hong Kong Police Force if you wish to gain access to the WWF-Hong Kong floating boardwalk and hides outside the Border Fence. WWF-Hong Kong has since the late 1980s assisted its members to apply for the FCA permit which normally requires about eight weeks processing time. Each permit is valid for a maximum 12 month period and expires on 4th March each year. There will be a fee of HK$130 per person for each permit(to be paid when submitting application). FCA permits can now be applied online, CLICK HERE . 

Notification will be given when the permit is ready for collection from the Mai Po Visitor Centre via the email address provided by the applicant. The permit will be handed over upon presentation of your HK identity card, a valid* membership card of WWF-Hong Kong and valid* Mai Po Marshes Entry permit (*non-expired on the day of collection).

For non HK identity card holders, application cannot be done online. For more information, please send an e-mail to maipo@wwf.org.hk.

Directions to Mai Po

Aerial view of the Mai Po Nature Reserve Centre 
	© Martin Harvey
Check out how to get to Mai Po by public transport or by private car here.

Apply Frontier Closed Area(FCA) Permit

	© WWF-Hong Kong

Solo Walk for Overseas Naturalists

(For overseas naturalists on a short-term visit to Hong Kong only)

We note that overseas naturalists visiting Hong Kong who are on a limited period of stay here, may not have enough time to apply for the required government permits to visit the Nature Reserve. Under such circumstance, WWF-Hong Kong is able to provide a one-day entry permit to people who meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • staff of a recognized nature reserve;
  • university teaching staff in a related faculty; or
  • member or staff of a conservation organization or recognized naturalist society;
Applicants are required to complete and return an application form together with a copy of their passport and relevant proof of complying with one of the above criterion (e.g. membership or staff card) either through email (publicvisit@wwf.org.hk) or FAX (2471 0325). Please submit the information at least 5 working days in advance of your intended visit day, otherwise your application may be declined.

Age Limit

Inside Mai Po Nature Reserve

Entry the Frontier Closed Area
(The floating boardwalk session)

4 or above

12 or above

* Persons under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult who should be responsible for their proper behaviour and safety inside the Reserve and those aged under 4 are not allowed to enter the Reserve for safety reasons.

Important note:

  1. Only 5 permits would be issued for solo walk visitors every day, we will not issue permit without advance booking.
  2. Please read through the Code of Entry before visit;
  3. Please bring along with your original copy of documental proof and passport for checking at visitor centre;
  4. Additional HK$200 should be paid for the deposit of permit which will be refund when permit return.
  5. The latest time for collecting permit at visitor centre is 3:00pm.
  6. The visiting time is 9:00am to 5:00pm