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Spring - Summer public guided tours

As the weather warms in the spring and summer, the winter birds give way to other bustling wildlife. Thousands variety of insects thrive, some colourful one including butterflies and dragonflies, while shrimps are raised traditionally in the gei wai ponds. WWF’s latest research shows that 45% of Hong Kong dragonfly species and 22% of Hong Kong butterfly species can be found at Mai Po, including the globally endangered Four-spot Midget.
Rainbow over Mai Po Education centre rel=
Rainbow over Mai Po Education centre
© Bena Smith / WWF-Hong Kong

Night Safari - 1st Episode - Action in the Starlit

This night-time tour offers an unforgettable experience of Mai Po by night. Guided by our nature interpreter, you will discover some of Mai Po's nocturnal animals such as roosting birds, bats, fireflies, moths, and with a bit of luck, you may be able to see the leopard cats and otters. Group bookings are also available.

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Calendar of Mai Po Public Tours

Mai Po scheduled public tours visits 
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For more information on the scheduled public guided visits, please check out our calendar.

Gei Wai Harvesting

Gei wai shrimp cultivation is an important part of Hong Kong's coastal heritage. In this tour, you will see the most traditional way of shrimp farming and get to know how the harvesting takes place. You will also be able to taste the freshness of gei wai shrimp. A return is arranged to arrive Yuen Long MTR station.

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Wetlands are a crucial part of the ecosystem supporting thousands of species of fish, amphibians and birds. But they also play a key role in keeping our atmosphere’s carbon dioxide levels in balance. Wetlands also provide us with food and livelihoods. Given the value of wetlands, we should protect them from being destroyed,

We have, therefore, designed the programme “Little Wetlander” to teach the young people about wetlands and their importance. Through a series of interactive activities and site visits, participants will get to know the beauty of wetlands, their value and the threats they face.

Upon completion of the programme, you will receive a certificate and become a qualified ‘Wetlander’.

Join the "Little Wetlander" programme and help preserve the environment!

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