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Year-Round public guided tours

Freshwater Lillies
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Exploring Mai Po

This tour brings you to some of Mai Po’s most interesting sites. During this three-hour tour, a nature interpreter guides visitors through a designated route covering the gei wai, fishponds, bird hide as well as the Education Centre in the core area of the Nature Reserve.

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Calendar of Mai Po Public Tours

Mai Po scheduled public tours visits 
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For more information on the scheduled public guided visits, please check out our calendar

Mangrove Boardwalk

This unique tour allows visitors to walk along the floating boardwalk in the middle of the magnificent mangrove forest. From the floating bird hide, visitors can capture remarkable views of the Inner Deep Bay and enjoy one of the finest birdwatching experiences in Hong Kong, accompanied by our nature interpreter.

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Happy Buffalo

Mai Po Nature Reserve is among the best locations in Hong Kong for natural scenery. The site is renowned for supporting vast numbers of migratory waterbirds every year. The Reserve is also home to an amazing diversity of other wildlife, offering spectacles in all seasons of the year and which you as a city player will find them interesting enough to know more about. 

WWF Hong Kong began a pioneering research project on the ecological benefits of buffalo grazing at freshwater ponds in 2006. What are the reasons for introducing buffalo into the Reserve? How many buffalo are raising in Mai Po now? What is their livelihood? How their presence benefits the diversity of birds? You will get the many answers by joining Happy Buffalo listening to an in depth sharing by the Reserve’s management staff and taking part in a special guided visit in the following weekend.

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