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Walk for Nature


Dates: 26 & 27 November 2016 (Saturday and Sunday)
(Choose either date)
Time: 9:30 am to 6 pm
(10 walking time slots for you to choose)
Venue: Mai Po Nature Reserve

“Walk for Nature” is an annual fundraising event held in Hong Kong’s iconic Mai Po Nature Reserve. Participants gather sponsorship and walk a set route around the Reserve, which is located in the Inner Deep Bay wetlands. Mai Po was recognized as 'Wetland of International Importance' under the Ramsar Convention in 1995. The Reserve provides habitat for many species of both flora and fauna, and has a worldwide reputation as being a “paradise for birds”. 

Event ambassador

This year, we are honoured to have Mr Phil Lam as our ambassador.

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Corporate Sponsorship

“Walk for Nature” is now recruiting corporate sponsors.Please contact us for more information. 
電話: 2526-1011 (選擇語言後按4,5)
電郵: walk@wwf.org.hk

Group Participation

 “Walk for Nature” is now recruiting group participation. Please contact us for more information. 
電話: 2526-1011 (選擇語言後按4,5)
電郵: walk@wwf.org.hk

Be a Citizen Scientist

2016 marks the 33rd anniversary of WWF-Hong Kong’s management of Mai Po Nature Reserve. Marked by decades of hard work and dedication, our conservation efforts have helped conserve the unique ecology of this exceptionally important wetland. This year, our event theme is 'Be a Citizen Scientist'. Participants can understand more about our wetland conservation work through their taking part in the interactive games and activities held along the route.
Mai Po background and threats / ©: Bena Smith
Facing threats from urbanization, the conservation work at Mai Po Nature Reserve requires the assistance and support of the public.
© Bena Smith


In 1983, WWF-Hong Kong began managing Mai Po Nature Reserve, implementing a number of conservation projects designed to protect the Reserve’s many fish ponds, gei wai, intertidal mudflats, mangroves, reed beds and freshwater ponds. In 2001, the conservation work took on a new dimension, as the conservation work began to focus on conserving Hong Kong’s section of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF), a vital flight route for migratory waterbirds. The EAAF begins at the Arctic Circle and runs through Southeast Asia all the way to Australia and New Zealand. Mai Po is situated roughly in the centre of the flyway. Every year, migratory birds conduct their long journeys south and stop at Mai Po to rest and recharge before they continue their voyage.
 / ©: WWF-Hong Kong
Mai Po Nature Reserve is a natural “pit stop” for migratory waterbirds.
© WWF-Hong Kong

Education and Interaction

In 1986, WWF established the Wildlife Education Centre at Mai Po Nature Reserve. Later, in 1991, the addition of the Peter Scott Field Studies Centre allowed us to provide a complete facility offering guided tour services to students and the general public. These improved facilities also benefit scientists and professionals, allowing them to conduct more efficient and effective research and related studies.

In recent years, we have implemented various projects such as ‘Discovering Biodiversity in Hong Kong Wetlands’ and ‘Nature With No Barriers’. Through these projects, we aim at sharing the public with wetland conservation knowledge and improve Mai Po’s facilities. Thanks to 33 years of determination and hard work, Mai Po has now become one of the world’s leading wetland conservation and education centres.
 / ©: Ellen Shek
We are passionate about creating an environment for education for the youth of Hong Kong.
© Ellen Shek

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