WWF Hong Kong - Asian Waterbird Conservation Fund (AWCF)

Asian Waterbird Conservation Fund (AWCF)

Supported Projects


Public awareness campaign to enhance the conservation of migratory shorebird and their habitat at Chao Mai Marine National Park, Trang Province, Southern Thailand

Capacity Building & Community Based Waterbird Conservation Activity in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Support of HUN Club's conservation and public awareness activities in W Mongolia

Conservation Education on Waterbirds and Habitat with focus on the Inner Gulf of Thailand

Capacity Building for Local NGO's on Migratory Shorebirds Conservation in North Sumatra

Community-based Initiative in Conservation of Migratory Waterbirds and Coastal Wetlands in Nanhui Dongtan, Shanghai, China

Community Based Waterbird Monitoring and Conservation in Cox’s Bazar Coastal Areas, Bangladesh.

Establishment of Waterbirds Conservation Stewardship through School and Community-based Education and Interpretation

Capacity Building for Village Leaders on Migratory Shorebirds Conservation in Sumatra Utara – Indonesia

Continued Conservation Education and Public Awareness Activities on Waterbirds and Lake Wetlands at Shengjin Lake in Anhui Province in China.

Local Radio for Bird Protection Awareness Raising in Xuan Thuy Ramsar Site, Vietnam.

Community Participatory Co-management of Waterbirds and their Habitat through Promotion of Sustainable Behavior and Livelihood in Tumuji Township

Migratory Waterbird Conservation and its Habitat in Deli Serdang District Sumatra Utara Province – Phase I

Promoting community support and involvement in conservation of the endangered Red-crowned Crane and other rare waterbirds at Hui River National Nature Reserve, Inner Mongolia, China

Capacity Building for Waterbird Monitoring at Important Sites along the China Coast

Monitoring and community awareness of Critically Endangered Baer's Pochard Aythya baeri wintering at Liangzi lake, Hubei

Potential Flyway sites monitoring and raise awareness of local people in The Inner Gulf of Thailand

Conservation and sustainable management of migratory waterbird habitat at Dashinchilen Tsagaan Wetlands, Mongolia

Enhancing conservation of wetlands critical to threatened waterbird in Southern Negros Occidental, Philippines

Involvement of local community in the long term Dauria Transboundary Russian-Mongolian-Chinese Monitoring and Management Waterbirds Network (step first: Russian territory)

Significance of West Kamchatka, Russia for waterbirds conservation on East Asian-Australasian Flyway with special focus to shorebirds

Management of an important breeding and migration site for waterbirds in Mongolia (Dashinchilen Tsagaan): Phase 2

Globally threatened waterbird conservation in the coastal areas of Bangladesh

Dongtai Tiaozini Sandbanks Survey and Conservation in Jiangsu Province, China

The monitoring and protection propaganda of Baer’s Pochard in Taibai Lake, Jining City, Shandong Province
Waterbirds training, survey, monitoring, and awareness focused on EAAF bird flyway in Malaysia
Protecting the Spoon-billed Sandpiper and other shorebirds on Nan Thar Island, Myanmar
Conservation and Community Awareness of the Critically Endangered Eastern Subpopulation of Dalmatian Pelicans in Mongolia