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Much More Than an Hour Without Lights!

10 March 2017

Every March, the iconic “60+” symbol of WWF’s annual Earth Hour campaign makes its appearance. Let’s take a closer look at the Earth Hour symbol and how it represents the spirit of the campaign: the “60” stands for Earth Hour itself, while the “+” sign indicates that the actions we take to combat climate change extend far beyond the 60 minute-long lights-out period.
Through the years, WWF’s education team has been promoting this important concept to Hong Kong’s younger generation through a wide variety of educational programmes and activities. When the children of this generation become adults, they will not only flock to support green events like Earth Hour and enthusiastically participate in turning off their lights for an hour; they will also live sustainable lifestyles that extend far beyond the hour.
Each year, the actions taken around the world in the name of Earth Hour move our hearts and put smiles on our faces. This year is no different, and we are now inviting schools across Hong Kong to add their own voices to the Earth Hour global campaign. We want participating schools to use their passion and innovation to spread the message of the importance of living sustainably through consuming less and consuming wisely.
Whether schools put on large-scale events or conduct small-scale actions, Earth Hour is the perfect moment for students around Hong Kong to show their concern about our environment and our planet. Here are just a few ideas which can create connections between students and the environment:
  • Green bazaars
  • Goods exchanges
  • “Lights-out” green lunches
  • Second-hand book exchanges
  • School uniform recycling systems
  • A school vegetarian day
  • Waste-free lunches
  • Electricity-saving competitions
  • Eco-bag DIY workshops
  • Drama shows
  • Water-saving competitions
This year, the theme for Earth Hour in Hong Kong is “For a Solar Powered City”. Soon, an educational poster about the benefits of renewable energy will arrive at all Hong Kong primary and secondary schools. Teachers are encouraged to talk about the poster’s conservation messages with their students.

WWF needs the support of schools as we lobby the Hong Kong government to make renewable energy a priority for our city. By asking the government to implement energy-saving policies and demand-side management measures, progressively increase the use of renewable energy sources, and reduce our carbon emissions by 90 per cent of 1990 levels by 2050, we will help transform Hong Kong into the most sustainable city in Asia.

More than 90 schools have already pledged their support for Earth Hour 2017, which will be held on 25 March. Will your school join us? Make your pledge at – together, we can safeguard the future!

In addition to school pledges and engagement activities, 24 energetic youths have also joined our Earth Hour Youth Ambassador Programme, seeking to learn more about the global climate and explore ways to communicate key Earth Hour messages to their peers and the community. Starting in mid-March, these ambassadors will take part in promotional activities at the University of Science and Technology, City University and the Baptist University College of International Education. Come and say hello to these young people, learn more about Earth Hour and give them your support!