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T.S. Lines bans shark fin shipments

03 August 2017

WWF-Hong Kong welcomes the decision by Taiwan’s T.S. Lines, one of the top 30 shipping companies in the world, to place a ban on the cargo bookings of shark fin of all shark species. In mid-2014, WWF-Hong Kong began its “Global Shipping Companies Say No to Shark Fin” campaign and since then 16 global shipping companies of the top 30 that account for about 80 per cent of the industry’s market share, have committed to stop shipments of shark fin. No shark fin shipping policies are being increasingly adopted by shipping companies globally, making a very valuable contribution to shark conservation.
Shark fin consumption is currently a common practice in Chinese tradition, and Hong Kong accounts for about 50 per cent of the global shark fin trade annually. According to the Hong Kong’s Census and Statistics Department, about 90 per cent of shark fin by volume was imported to Hong Kong through “ocean route” in 2016. Shipping companies play an essential role in shark conservation.
In order to facilitate shipping companies, including T.S. Lines, to better implement the no shark fin policy, WWF-Hong Kong will soon release the first-ever No Shark Fin Carriage Policy Implementation Guideline. It will help shipping companies, as well as others in the logistic sector such as airlines, to more effectively implement a no shark fin policy.
WWF-Hong Kong encourages logistic businesses to follow the example of T.S. Lines and other leading shipping companies that are helping to conserve the world’s oceans and restore global shark populations.
For more information regarding the say no to shark fin policy go here.
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