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One Planet, One Future, One Youth

08 August 2017

This year the UN-designated International Youth Day, which falls on 12 August, focuses on the role that young people play in global issues, particularly in deterring and solving conflicts. So it is fitting that WWF-Hong Kong’s new initiative, “One Planet Youth”, designed for people aged 15-30, provides the chance to learn about, and play a role in, environmental conservation activities. By empowering the younger generation with knowledge on various environmental issues, they can actively change their lifestyle to help protect our beautiful planet.
WWF-Hong Kong believes in the power of youth. With their passion, motivation and creativity, we welcome a new generation which will treasure the planet we live on.
In June 2017, WWF-Hong Kong started a collaboration with different youth groups on a “Citizen Science” programme at the Mai Po Nature Reserve. After being instructed by our expert team through workshops, one of the youth groups, Raleigh Hong Kong, will conduct ecological surveys in Mai Po. The data collected by the Raleigh team will be able to provide the latest status of Mai Po wetland’s biodiversity for better ongoing habitat management. “One Planet Youth” provides a progressive training for youth who would like to give a hand in conservation. Join us and we will walk side by side for a more sustainable future.

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Training for youth from Raleigh Hong Kong
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Youth taking samples in the Ramsar site core zone.
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Serious survey was taken to classify different types of marine litters.
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Tell the community you live in about how much you love our planet Earth!
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