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Special Needs Addressed with
Nature with No Barriers Project

16 November 2018

Mai Po Nature Reserve unveils brand new update with universal access facilities and infrastructure, created as part of the three-year Nature with No Barriers project, supported by the special funds of HSBC's 150th anniversary. Trained eco-guides and custom-made visitor programmes have been designed for people that are physically disabled, visually impaired, hearing impaired or intellectually disabled, to experience the reserve’s biodiversity of over 2,050 species.

Since the inception of this project, Mai Po Nature Reserve has accommodated over 4,500 visitors with special needs and is looking to welcome more. Dr. Xianji Wen, WWF’s Assistant Director of Mai Po Nature Reserves and Regional Wetlands said, “Mai Po is a haven for tens of thousands of migratory birds who rely on it as an important refuelling stop on the East-Asian-Australasian Flyway. Nature with No Barriers allows visitors with special needs to make a deeper connection to nature and observe the rich biodiversity.”

The updated facilities at Mai Po included repairing two bird hides, an enhanced 500 metre section of the main visitor path, 68 native aromatic and touch sensation shrubs planted along the wheelchair accessible paths, safety barriers on the wooden boardwalk, and an enhanced visitor trail shelter. Training was provided for eco-guides and interpreters to handle groups with special needs. In addition, 3D bird models, education panels, mobile phone apps are available. With the project in place, Mai Po is truly able to offer a unique experience of Hong Kong’s local biodiversity to all visitors - without barriers.

Enjoy nature with guided eco visits for the public at Mai Po Nature Reserve. Nature With No Barriers eco visits can be booked by emailing publicvisit@wwf.org.hk or call 2864-1416.

Open Wednesday through Sunday. Book online: