WWF Run for Wild 2019 Over 1,400 Runners Join the Race Against Extinction | WWF Hong Kong

WWF Run for Wild 2019 Over 1,400 Runners Join the Race Against Extinction

08 April 2019

WWF-Hong Kong’s Run for Wild 2019 kicked-off this morning at Tai Po Pak Shek Kok Waterfront Promenade. The race aims to raise public awareness on the degradation of habitats and the urgent need to safeguard the diversity and ecological integrity of marine life. Over 1,400 runners, including 94 corporates and teams, 8 schools and 116 family teams raised over HK$470,000 in support of WWF-Hong Kong’s conservation and education work.
At the opening ceremony,Peter Cornthwaite, CEO of WWF-Hong Kongsaid, “The decline of wildlife populations around the world has never been more urgent, with the latest Living Planet Index outlining a further drop of 60% in just over 40 years. Evidence shows that the environment and human development must converge if we are to build a sustainable future for all. As we head towards 2020, we must all Change the Way We Live to ensure a balance is struck between development and the protection of species and areas of high ecological value. This includes eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics and taking positive action to preserve our valuable marine environments.”
Joining Peter to launch the event was Hong Kong triathlete Leanne Szeto, who is supporting the Chinese white dolphin. The habitat of the Chinese white dolphin is shrinking due to continuous large-scale development projects and reclamation. Therefore, Leanne has decided to support the Run and raise public awareness on the threats faced by the six focus species.
The race has three categories: the 10-kilometre challenger, 3-kilometre fun run and 1-kilometre family run, covering individual, team, school and corporate participants. Hundreds of participants dressed up as one of the six focus species (panda, tiger, green turtle, gibbon, Chinese white dolphin and shark) to compete in the “best dressed” category to raise public awareness of threatened species and their conservation. During the event, participants were able to run in the “wild” with obstacles that mimicked the environment of the focus species. Educational booths and interactive games were also featured. 
The Run for Wild 2019 fundraising pages are available to allow you to choose the species you wish to help. Donate online https://wwf.hk/2G174J8