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WWF One Planet Restaurant Awards For Sustainable Best Practice

17 September 2019

WWF-Hong Kong officially announced its One Planet Restaurant Awards today, supported by the Medical Professional Foundation, to recognise hotel and restaurant businesses for promoting sustainable consumption and the use of natural resources. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong received top accolades in the hotel category, followed by Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towersand Grand Hyatt Hong Kong with the same score, and then Sino Hotels Group. Venues operated by Giando Group received top honour in the restaurant category, followed by Van Gogh SENSES, Cafe Paradise, Happy Paradise and Little Bao. Green Monday is awarded ‘Sustinable Food Influencer’ to recognize its contributions in engaging the community to sustainable food consumption and practices. (Appendix I) 
WWF shortlisted hotel and restaurant businesses/brands in Hong Kong using popular restaurant guides to engage establishments with the potential to influence public opinion and improve appreciation of food sustainability in the city. The survey focused on three major aspects of food sustainability, examining the value chain from food purchasing, production and preparation processes. Participants responded by ranking their own performance and actions on a scale of 1-5. Over a period of 14 months ending December 2018, we received responses from from 115 outlets (20 hotel brands covering 92 outlets and 14 restaurants brands covering 23 outlets) across Hong Kong. The 17 questions covered issues of food sourcing and traceability, hormone and antibiotic-free products, food safety, food waste management and adoption of reusable tableware. WWF also looked at vegetarian restaurants, such as Green Common and Ohms Cafe and Bar, which support plant-based diets requiring fewer carbon emissions than meat-based alternatives.  
The highest scores from the participating hotel and restaurant brands came from responses on “food safety” and “reusable tableware for dine in”, followed closely by adoption of “food waste reduction”. This result seems to fall in line with the increasing awareness from the public and business sector in recent years on topics around food waste and reduction of single-use tableware (including plastic) in Hong Kong.The Hotels sector is more aware on the issues of local food sourcing, organic food and food sustainability and traceability. In general, chefs in major hotels tend to source higher quality sustainable seafood to serve their clientele.
“WWF is working with hotels and restaurants to support a transition to sustainable food production. As food accounts for 21% (1.47 gha) of Hong Kong’s Ecological Footprint, food can have massive impact on the environment. It’s time to ‘Change the Way We Live’ to eat more plants, eat less meat and avoid food waste. We are glad to see that many of our awardees have taken the first step to offer sustainable seafood for customers,” said Jovy Chan, Wildlife Conservation Manager. (Appendix II)
Dr. Bernard Kong, President of the Hong Kong Society of Medical Professionals, added “Food sustains life and the One Planet Restaurant Awards by WWF-Hong Kong supported by our Medical Professional Foundation recognises that food must be both sustainably produced and hormone and antibiotic free with restaurants adopting a food safety plan adhering to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Standards.”
In the category of food, the top contribution of ecological footprint comes from meat at 26%, while fish and seafood have the second highest Ecological Footprint at 23%. If unsustainably managed, food production can have a tremendous impact on the environment. Green Monday has been at the forefront of advocating the benefits of a plant-based diet. Meat production requires high amounts of natural resources, such as energy and freshwater. Hotels and restaurants play an important role in providing sustainable food choices to consumers, and businesses like Landmark Mandarin Oriental and Giando Group are leading by example. 
Appendix I
One Planet Restaurant Awards
Hotel Category 
1st prize The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
2nd prize Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
2nd prize Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
Merit Award Sino Hotels  
Restaurant Category  
1st prize Giando Group 
2nd prize Van Gogh SENSES
3rd prize Cafe Paradise 
Merit Award Happy Paradise
Merit Award Little Bao 
“Sustainable Food Influencer” Award Green Monday

Appendix II
Food accounts for 21% of Hong Kong’s total Ecological Footprint.  The largest contribution in this category comes from meat at 26%, while fish and seafood have the second highest Ecological Footprint at 23%. If unsustainably managed, food production can have a massive impact on the environment.

The food sector of Hong Kong’s Ecological Footprint (source: Hong Kong Ecological Footprint 2019).