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WWF’s response to Government’s long-term decarbonisation target

13 November 2020

The Council for Sustainable Development today (13 November) announced the results of its public engagement on the city’s decarbonisation strategy and the group’s recommendations for a long-term decarbonisation target. WWF-Hong Kong supports the long-term carbon neutral target by 2050 as part of the global effort to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change. However, we urge the government to avoid use of nuclear power, which is neither a truly safe or sustainable energy source.
Karen Ho, Head of Corporate and Community Sustainability, WWF-Hong Kong remarked, “Rather than putting resources in further studies on the safe use of imported nuclear energy, the government should instead focus on reducing our reliance on nuclear energy due to its inherent operational risks and challenges in managing the nuclear waste. The government should plow resources into meeting a 10% renewable energy target by 2030 through expanding use of solar energy, including by installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on government and community buildings, and in open spaces.
We should bear in mind that energy efficiency is key to reaching a carbon neutral target. Every individual and sector in the community has an obligation to contribute to this target, with government taking the lead and serving as a role model. We look forward to cross-sector collaboration in transforming Hong Kong into Asia’s most sustainable city and creating a new normal, for a future in which people and nature thrive.”
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