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WWF will Facilitate Hong Kong's New “Adopt A Beach” Programme

26 October 2012

WWF is delighted to announce its partnership with local community organizations and individuals to launch the pioneering “Adopt A Beach” programme.

The recent plastic pellet spill in Hong Kong waters after the passage of Typhoon Vicente galvanized green organizations, the Hong Kong public and the government, and prompted unprecedented cooperation and swift action to counter the crisis. Evolved from the wake of the disaster, the “Adopt A Beach” Programme is a united SAR-wide initiative which intends to keep Hong Kong’s beaches and coastlines in a beautiful state. The programme, which will run for two years initially, also aims to further raise the awareness of the public regarding the extent of the rubbish and pollution problems which have plagued our beaches and threaten our vulnerable marine biodiversity for years and to help the Hong Kong Government to reduce marine litter at the source. For the programme to be successful, at least 80 teams will be needed, each committing to adopting an area of coastline and cleaning it quarterly for two years.

As the facilitator of the programme, WWF will be responsible for the following:
  1. Promoting the “Adopt A Beach” programme, facilitating and coordinating with the government and other partners on beach clean up activities.
  2. Jointly running training workshops and seminars with partners, and providing materials for the participating groups.
  3. Creating a platform for the collection and analysis of marine litter data, to help Government to identify the main sources of marine litter.
  4. Educating and raising awareness of local marine biodiversity so as to motivate a wider audience to appreciate the rich coastal waters around Hong Kong.

WWF hopes that this programme will continue the existing “marine momentum” so that the government and the general public will seriously tackle our marine litter problem, as well as continue to raise awareness about the need to conserve our valuable marine biodiversity. WWF are in the process of applying for government funding, we aim to launch the programme at the end of first quarter of 2013.