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Chinese White Dolphin Enters Miss Hong Kong 2013

21 June 2013

Miss Hong Kong 2013 has received a rather unusual applicant for this year’s contest, a Chinese White Dolphin from Tai O, Ruby. Although she would be delighted if she were to be crowned winner, the stunning dolphin entered the competition primarily to drive awareness of the plight of her species in Hong Kong and her application is fully supported by the WWF-Hong Kong.

With the body length of 260cm and weighing in at almost 551lbs (250kg), Ruby does not have the typical ‘hourglass’ figure usual in Miss Hong Kong entrants but her supporters feel her gorgeous eyes, playful smile and smooth skin, as well as a lifelong commitment to marine conservation and the protection of Hong Kong’s marine species, will stand her in good stead to be a favourite in the hugely popular contest.

WWF who are proud to act as nominees for Ruby’s entry believe that Ruby is well-placed to garner support from the people of Hong Kong throughout the contest and help raise awareness of her extremely important cause. “A true native and symbol of Hong Kong, Chinese white dolphins are creatures of majestic beauty who are facing escalating threats in their Hong Kong marine habitat. Ruby only has 61 peers left in the HK waters when compare to 158 of them in 10 years ago. Through her nomination into the pageant, we hope to raise mass awareness on the true beauty yet grave plight of the Chinese white dolphin as reclamation, increasing marine traffic and polluted waters rapidly contribute to the startling decline in their numbers,” said Samantha Lee, Senior Conservation Officer, Marine of WWF-Hong Kong.

Ruby will be canvassing support for her application through an on- and off-line petition and a social media campaign. She will also enlist the support of her celebrity friends, Karen Mok and Khalil Fong, they have already been seen sporting a ‘Vote Ruby’ t-shirt.

“I am delighted to support Ruby’s entry and help her gain awareness for this important cause,” said Karen, a strong supporter of marine conservation. “Aside from her beautiful looks, Ruby is so friendly and fun I’m not sure any of the other contestants will compete with her on these qualities. Not to mention that her cause is one I truly believe in – hundreds of species are under threat due to the poor quality of water in Hong Kong and we need to act now to protect them.”

Khalil Fong, the Hong Kong singer-songwriter added, “Chinese white dolphins are social creatures, like humans they display compassion protecting the sick and injured amongst them. We as humans have the greatest capacity to protect other species from threats. It is our duty and responsibility to lead the fight to save the dolphins and raise awareness to their plight.”

“Ultimately, in order to protect species such as Ruby’s in Hong Kong’s waters, we need to increase the number of designated marine protection areas from 2% to 10%,” said Samantha Lee. “WWF needs the public’s support to achieve this goal and we hope the people of Hong Kong will get behind our campaign through signing the petition and making a donation.”
Ruby Head Shot
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Busy marine traffic
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Karen Mok
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Khalil Fong
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