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Message from Chairman

It’s an honour to celebrate the 40th anniversary of WWF-Hong Kong with you all.
Founded in 1981, WWF-Hong Kong is an integral part of the WWF global network. Our work began with managing the Mai Po Nature Reserve. We have since expanded our mission to build a future in which humans thrive in harmony with nature; and to transform Hong Kong into Asia’s most sustainable city.
The past 40 years have seen us make many significant achievements in nature conservation, education and learning, and corporate and community engagement.
This ongoing success is dependent on people and organisations from across Hong Kong: the government, our corporate partners, donors and supporters, education and conservation professionals, the general public; and of course our dedicated staff and board and committee members who have steadfastly driven us forward through a myriad of challenges.
WWF-Hong Kong’s 40-year anniversary is something to be proud of, but we cannot rest on our laurels. The world needs us now more than ever before. The problems facing our planet have never been higher and the need for nature-based solutions has never been greater.
The fate of the world is in our hands. It is time for everyone to work together to protect the natural world – for ourselves and for the future generations who will live with the consequences of the choices we make today. 
Dan Bradshaw, Chairman, Executive Council


Important Milestones



40 years of conservation at WWF-Hong Kong have shown that together we can make a difference to our world. But our work is far from complete. We need your support to continue our conservation journey.

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WWF-Hong Kong was inaugurated in 1981. Sir Kenneth Fung Ping-fan and Dr. Philip Kwok were elected WWF-Hong Kong’s first President and Chairman respectively.


WWF assumes management of Mai Po Nature Reserve; Inaugural Big Bird Race to fund gei wai restoration in 1984.


Launch of Mai Po school programmes, laying the foundation for our Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Programme.


Hoi Ha Wan Committee was formed, marking 8-year campaign to establish Hong Kong’s marine parks.


Facilities for visitors in Mai Po Nature Reserve completed and opened, including Education Centre and floating boardwalk.


Island House comes under WWF management operating as a Conservation Studies Centre.


Friendship Agreement was signed between Mai Po and Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve, Jiangxi Province, and marked the beginning of our support to conservation work in Mainland China.


Peter Scott Field Studies Centre at Mai Po officially opened.


Bird Tower Hide built at the Mai Po Nature Reserve. A popular facility for visitors, birdwatchers and students to enjoy birdwatching.


Campaign to lobby the Government for Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay to be designated as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention.


After 8 years of campaigning, Hoi Ha Wan became one of Hong Kong’s first marine parks.Hong Kong’s first “Classroom on the Sea”, The Jockey Club HSBC WWF-Hong Kong Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre, was established in 2003.


Sponsored the first survey of Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises in Hong Kong waters by using hydrophones and a purpose-built cetacean detector.


“Coining Hong Kong’s Green Dragon”, WWF-Hong Kong’s attempt to create the longest coin line in the world. The event raised HK$2.35 million.


“Black-faced Spoonbill Satellite Study Project” collated important data on the species’ migratory routes.


“Corporate Membership Programme” launched to help companies adopt more environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. In its first year, 36 companies joined the Programme.


WWF-Hong Kong 20th Anniversary Celebration & Exhibition Ceremony.


“Save Our Seas” campaign kicked off, aiming to ban trawling and to create Marine Protected Areas


The Hongkong Bank Foundation became our long-term sponsor for the South China Wetlands projects.


Launched a pioneering buffalo grazing research project at Mai Po Nature Reserve that has been beneficial in maintaining freshwater habitat conditions.


East Asia’s first “Seafood Guide” launched to promote sustainable seafood and raise awareness of marine biodiversity.


A five-year climate change education initiative sponsored by The Swire Trust.


The first Earth Hour event in Hong Kong to raise awareness of climate change. Earth Hour is now the largest global environmental movement that people unite to show care for the future of our planet.


The Legislative Council of HKSAR passed a trawling ban in Hong Kong waters and the ban started by the end of 2012, a momentous achievement for marine conservation.


WWF-Hong Kong and Mai Po Management Committee were awarded the BirdLife International Conservation Achievement Award for protecting endangered Black-faced Spoonbills.


“Coastal Watch”, a large-scale citizen science and coastal cleanup programme in response to the 2012 plastic pellet spill disaster.


“1,600 Pandas World Tour: Creativity Meets Conservation”, French artist Paulo Grangeon created 1,600 papier-mâché pandas from recycled materials to represent the 1,600 real pandas left in the world.


WWF-Hong Kong’s “Rewrite Their Future” petition calls on the HKSAR Government to permanently ban the ivory trade in Hong Kong. The HKSAR Government announced in 2018 that it will ban all local sale, import and export of ivory by end of 2021.


16 of the top 20 global shipping companies, over 60% of the global shipping market, banned shark fin shipments.


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust awarded WWF-Hong Kong HK$347 million to transform Mai Po Nature Reserve into a 21st Century Nature Classroom. Construction began in September 2018.


“At WWF-Hong Kong, conservation and education are always the fundamental objectives and core focuses. We must aim towards striking a balance between humans and the healthy natural environment, with a clear conscience to motivate the people of Hong Kong to carry out sustainable behaviour and attitude.”

Mr. Dan Bradshaw

40 years of conservation at WWF-Hong Kong have shown that together we can make a difference to our world. But our work is far from complete. We need your support to continue our conservation journey.

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