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BBR 2023 carousell

Big Bird Race - Professional Race

© WWF-Hong Kong

Big Bird Race is WWF-Hong Kong’s longest-running birdwatchers event. Generating strong enthusiasm locally and from overseas, the event has grown in the last three decades, attracting teams that will vie to spot the most species in 12 hours. Funds raised by teams directly contribute to the habitat management of Mai Po Nature Reserve, to give birds and other wildlife a better home. The Big Bird Race has grown into a legendary challenge for local bird lovers. It is becoming a regionally important bird-watching challenge, attracting school participants to join. We also actively seek new teams to join each year.


Event Date
Registration closes for Professional Race 24 Feb 2023
Fundraising Award submission deadline 9 Mar 2023 before 6:00pm
Big Bird Race 2023 & Prize Presentation ceremony 11 Mar 2023
Donation submission deadline 30 April 2023
Donation receipts issued
(For donations of $100 or above)
On or before 31 May 2023

Big Bird Race 2023 Adjudicator :
Mr. Paul Leader

Paul has lived in HK for over 30 years and has participated as a team member in over 20 Big Bird Races. Paul actively supports WWF and Mai Po as a member of the Mai Po Nature Reserve Management Committee and through his involvement in a 20-year study of reedbed birds in the reserve. He is pleased to be able to continue provide further support as Adjudicator of this year’s BBR.