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One Planet Plate
© WWF-Hong Kong

One Planet Plate is a global campaign that enables diners to vote with their fork for a better food future by dining at participating restaurants and choosing these sustainable specials.
Since the 2018 campaign launch in the UK, and with the support of Food Made Good Hong Kong and WWF-Hong Kong, the programme has rallied more than 200 chefs to contribute their recipe for a One Planet Plate, a dish that encapsulates their ethos and crucially is climate-kind. Diners can discover and digest the recipes online on the One Planet Plate website or choose from one of the 2,000+ eating out destinations globally to find out what delicious sustainable food actually looks, smells and tastes like.
As chefs demonstrate how they’re contributing to a better food future, diners can enjoy guilt-free eating while out or at home with our delicious recipe list.

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Blog Corner
© Katrin Havia / WWF-Finland