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Now is the time for businesses to come together and work for a sustainable planet!  

WWF-Hong Kong’s Corporate Sustainability Summit took place in November 2020 amid the global pandemic, the climate crisis, continuing biodiversity loss and our ever-growing ecological footprint.

The annual gathering of corporates and SMEs is a chance to share best practices and tap the latest insights on corporate sustainability issues.
This year’s theme “Our Planet: Too Big To Fail” is based on the successful Netflix documentary Our Planet, which shows the immense value of nature to the economy, the scale of the challenges we face, and the critical role that business can play. 
 It also focuses on the crucial role the finance sector plays, by exploring the risks of inaction, the impact of investing-as-usual, and the role the finance sector can play in powering a sustainable future.

“Corporate partnerships play a vital role in our work to influence the course of sustainability and conservation in Hong Kong and across the region.”

© WWW-Hong Kong