WWF's Walk for Nature @ Mai Po 2007 helps to enhance public understanding on climate change

Posted 10 October 2007
10 Oct 2007
WWF will run the "Walk for Nature" at Mai Po Nature Reserve on two consecutive Sundays, 28 October and 4 November 2007. This year, the theme is "Climate Change" and we hope to highlight the importance of nature conservation and enhance public understanding on the issue of climate change. Members of the public are now welcome to register for this annual charity walk by calling us at 2523 2316 or visit www.wwf.org.hk/walk. Deadline for enrolment is 18 October 2007.

Climate change is the most pressing environmental issue facing the world today and it is a serious threat to the world's biodiversity and ecosystems. It is also widely recognized as one of the most serious challenges facing mankind in the 21st Century. Therefore, we have chosen climate change as the theme of the Walk this year.

In order to promote public understanding and awareness on the impacts of climate change, participants of the Charity Walk will walk along a specially designed 5 km route through the Mai Po Nature Reserve and visit various checkpoints with exhibits and activity booths. Through participating in the activities at the checkpoints, we hope to enhance public understanding on:

  • the importance and urgency of climate change;
  • the concept of 'Carbon Footprint' and what we can do to reduce it;
  • how Climate Change relates to Mai Po and wetland habitats; our daily lives, the economy and our future.

Activities at the checkpoints are designed to help participants learn more about climate change and nature conservation. Through making wooden key chains, participants will get to know the bird species affected by climate change; the bird feeding game will enable them to learn about the feeding habits of birds and how climate change affects the amount of food available for birds; measuring our carbon footprint is the first step to reducing carbon emission in our daily life and combating climate change.

Mai Po is renowned as a birdwatcher's paradise. In autumn and winter, thousands of migratory birds come to Mai Po, including 72% of the total Hong Kong bird species, among which a quarter of the world's population of the Black-faced Spoonbill can be found. Through the walk, we hope to provide a fun day out for the people of Hong Kong, highlight the importance of nature conservation, and let the general public learn more about WWF. All the funds raised will be used to support our conservation and education programmes.

Please support WWF by joining the "Walk for Nature @ Mai Po 2007". For details and application, please visit our website at www.wwf.org.hk/walk, call our hotline at 2523 2316 or email to walk@wwf.org.hk.

Established in 1961, WWF's ultimate goal is to stop environmental degradation and to build a future where people live in harmony with nature. WWF has been working in Hong Kong since 1981 to ensure a better environment for the present and future generations in Hong Kong through implementation of a wide range of focused conservation and environmental education programmes in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


10 Oct 2007
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