WWF Invites Special Gifts for Hong Kong Marine Species

Posted 13 November 2006
13 November 2006
WWF today invites Hong Kong citizens to present their special gifts to local marine species by participating in the "Gift to Ocean's 10" Multi-media Creativity Competition. Sponsored by Solomon Systech Limited, the competition aims to further raise public awareness of the diversity and threats of Hong Kong's marine life and habitats.

"Following our success in Ocean's 10 Bus Design Competition, we are now inviting the general public and school students to express their concern in marine conservation by creating a special visual "gift" to 10 marine species listed in our Ocean's 10 programme. We hope, by joining this creative exercise and information searching on our website, the participants will have a better understanding of the situation of our marine environment and the threats faced by our marine species," said Mr Eric Bohm, CEO, WWF Hong Kong.

WWF launched "Ocean's 10" in June 2005 to provide interactive education programmes based on ten selected marine species that live in Hong Kong waters . The 3-year education programme has been designed to enhance public understanding of Hong Kong's marine c onservation issues, such as environmental degradation, unsustainable harvesting and pollution, by running a series of interactive education programmes on selected species.

Mr. Humphrey Leung, Managing Director, Solomon Systech (International) Limited, said, "Our beautiful coastline and the waters off it have always been a sanctuary from busy life for Hong Kong people and are certainly worthy of our protection. Solomon Systech, as a socially responsible company, is always looking for ways to bring a better tomorrow to the community, and conserving the marine environment is certainly one of them. That is why we support WWF's Ocean's 10' campaign to draw public attention to the well being of 10 precious marine species in Hong Kong waters. This latest initiative is another step to drive home the message by inviting public involvement in multimedia productions echoing the theme of the campaign. The resulting imagery, we hope, will bring us humans closer yet to other species on earth."

The competition is divided into Digital Image Production and Digital Short Film Production. The length of the video or animation should not exceed 1 minute. Selected images and video clips of Ocean's 10 could be downloaded from the website for participants free usage.

The competition is open to the Secondary, Post Secondary and Open Group (aged 18 or above). Information and entry form of the competition can be found on WWF's Ocean's 10 website at www.wwf.org.hk/oceans10 with po sters and leaflets available at WWF's offices in Central, Mai Po and Island House as well as youth centres under Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. Enquiries can be directed to WWF's Education Department at 2652 0285. All works together with completed entry form should be sent to WWF's Island House Conservation Studies Centre at Island House Lane, Tai Po, no later than 28 February 2007.

Famous adventurer Dr. Rebecca Lee and film director Mr Pang Ho Cheung have accepted our invitation as the head judge for photographic and short video stream respectively. Mr Alex Fong, WWF Hong Kong's Ocean's 10 Ambassador , is also a member of our judging panel. The winning entry will be selected according to the theme-matching ability (35%), creativity (35%) and artistic quality (30%). Results will be announced on the WWF's Ocean's 10 website at www.wwf.org.hk/oceans10 in May 2007.

All champions, second and third prize winners will be invited to join a scuba diving trip to discover the wonderful marine world and visit some of the Ocean's 10 species in Hong Kong. Winners will also be invited to attend the prize presentation ceremony in June 2007 where the winning entries will be displayed in the travelling exhibition at public venues.

"Our marine environment used to be abundant and diversified but now it is in a critical state. Species have disappeared and fish stocks have collapsed. There is an urgent need to do something to restore a healthy sea. WWF's solution is to set up no-take zones in important nursery grounds for fish to breed and grow. We need your support to restore a healthy marine environment. Enhancing your knowledge in Hong Kong's marine life and its environment is the first step to restore a healthy marine environment," said Eric Bohm, CEO, WWF Hong Kong.

The marine species of the "Ocean's 10" programme include the Brain coral , Chinese bahaba , Chinese white dolphin, Green turtle , Hong Kong grouper , Horseshoe crab , Mudskipper , Sea grass , Purple sea urchin and Yellow croaker. Information of the Ocean's 10 species and their threats can be found on our Ocean's 10 website at www.wwf.org.hk/oceans10.

Supporting organizations include Education and Manpower Bureau of Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and TBWA Hong Kong, IVE Kwun Tong and Oceanway. Special thanks to JNC and Victorinox for sponsoring the prizes.

WWF has been working in Hong Kong since 1981 to ensure a better environment for the present and future generations through implementing a wide range of focused conservation and environmental education programs in Hong Kong and South China.

Our conservation objectives are to conserve Hong Kong and China's biodiversity, improve the quality of our environment while motivating people to act to conserve our natural environment. Education is one of our key tools in pursuing our objectives. Every year our education and awareness programs reach over 120,000 students, teachers and members of the public in Hong Kong.
13 November 2006
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