WWF's Walk For Nature Enrolment Deadline Extended

Posted 28 September 2006
WWF will run the "Walk For Nature" at Mai Po Nature Reserve on two consecutive Sundays, 15 and 22 October, to raise public awareness on Hong Kong's precious natural environment and WWF's local freshwater and species programmes.

The enrolment of the walk began in August and the public response is overwhelming. To cater the overwhelming response, the deadline will be extended to 6 October 2006. Interested parties please contact us on 2526 1268 or check our website at [www.wwf.org.hk/walk] where the information and application forms can be downloaded.

Participants will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the gei wai, fishponds, mangroves and freshwater marsh of Mai Po, as well as to observe the wintering birds. Apart from appreciation of the nature, a series of interactive checkpoints will also be set along the 5-km route to enhance their understanding on the wetland and freshwater habitats. Fund raised will be used for WWF education and conservation programmes in Hong Kong.

A special role-play game will be designed to allow the participants to fully understand the importance of Mai Po for different wildlife species. Each participant will be assigned as one of the wildlife species at Mai Po Nature Reserve - mudskipper, buffalo, Black-faced Spoonbill and dragonfly and start their adventures at the reserve. The cards they have drawn at each checkpoint will demonstrate their close relation with the reserve.

We'll also run activities such as taking a closer look on the planktons and insects by microscope, using equipment to find out the feeding habits of different birds, DIY wood chips and making reed paper to understand the tree management work.

WWF has managed the Mai Po Nature Reserve, one of the internationally important wetlands, since 1984. We aim to maintain and increase both the biodiversity of wetland habitats in southern China and the richness of native wildlife by implementing various conservation and management programmes. Besides, regarding the development and conservation in Pearl River Delta, WWF has also launched the Pearl River Delta scoping study to collate information of the area to help formulate long-term conservation strategies to protect the freshwater biodiversity.

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