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Choose Your Membership

  1. Individual Membership

    Donors aged 18 or above with a monthly donation of HK$150 or above will receive a one-year membership.

  2. Family membership

    A family with a monthly donation of HK$300 or above will receive a one-year family membership, which covers donor and spouse (aged 18 or above) and two children aged below 18.

  3. Youth membership

    Donors aged 11-17 with a minimum annual donation of HK$250 or above will receive a one-year youth membership.

  4. Senior membership

    Donors aged 65 or above with a minimum annual donation of HK$250 or above will receive a one-year senior membership.

Membership Privileges

1.    Receive an e-Voucher to join one of our activities at our WWF centres
Family members will receive a HK$580 e-voucher
Members will receive a HK$290 e-voucher;
Youth/Senior members will receive a HK$120 e-voucher
 *The e-voucher can be used only once, with the remaining balance not redeemable for cash. 
*The e-voucher is transferable to family or friends. 
*WWF-Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision on the application of the voucher.
2.    Member discount for joining WWF activities
Members can enjoy an exclusive discount to join our eco-visits or educational activities at our conservation centres.

3.    Member shopping discount offer
Members can enjoy a 10% discount for any purchase, and a 15% discount during their birthday month for any purchase* at WWF Panda Shop.
*Members should present a valid WWF membership card, and your identification document may be requested for birthday verification.
·       If you would like to authorise friends or family members to enjoy this offer on your behalf, your WWF membership number and a copy of your identification document must be presented upon purchase.
·       In case of any disputes, WWF reserves the final right of arbitration.
4.         FREE subscription to WWF magazine