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Tackling Eco-Vandalism

WWF reviews possible loopholes in existing regulations or inadequacies of current enforcement mechanisms. We provide recommendations and advocate for any necessary law amendment and improvements in the enforcement effectiveness in order to deter environmental vandalism offenders. In 2016, we examined the enforcement cases by Planning Department on Unauthorised Development cases in the Inner Deep Bay wetlands and found the enforcements took a long time and not many cases were fined and the average fines were just over HK$61,000 while the maximum penalty for first offence was HK$500,000. Worse still only 30% of the cases were asked to reinstate the fish ponds and that means the fish pond habitats are continually being eroded. This clearly will not serve as a deterrent and indeed the number of offences has been on the increase.

Collaborate with other NGOs

We also collaborate with TrailWatch to train up hikers to identify eco-vandalism in the countryside and report them. This is particularly important for the Country Park enclaves which contain private land and are vulnerable.

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