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Sustainability in Fashion

Fashionably Green

To help Hong Kong become the regional leader in fashion sustainability, WWF-Hong Kong co-organised the annual Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) in 5-6 September 2019. The annual conference gathered leading academics, key players from the fashion industry, NGOs, media, decision-makers and leaders to work towards achieving sustainable fashion in Asia.

Comprising a two-day conference and the Fashion Future Challenge Award, the summit provided an important platform for participants from around the world to share experiences and exchange insights on the latest sustainable fashion trends, technology, best practices and environmental opportunities.
In what’s seen as a milestone for the Hong Kong fashion industry, eight local manufacturers formally signed on to the United Nation’s Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. The group is the first batch of Hong Kong manufacturers to formally pledge to collaborate with global fashion companies to tackle climate crisis and implement sustainable practice in global fashion supply chains.

Achieving the Goals

Under the theme “Achieving the Goals”, highlights of the 2019 event included workshops on enabling sustainability in global supply chains and the role of blockchain technology, with the aim of raising public understanding of the fashion industry’s leadership role in achieving sustainable fashion.

The event also seeks to nurture the younger generation to develop a sustainable fashion mindset. Whether as fashion consumers or as part of the future fashion industry; we want to inspire the next generation to implement initiatives that will minimise the industry’s impact on our planet.

Who should attend?

Anyone who cares about the issue of sustainability in the fashion industry and those seeking the latest insights and trends as well as innovations relating to sustainable fashion:

  • Fashion business leaders, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and designers
  • Fashion students
  • Academics
  • Government policymakers
  • Non-governmental organisations and environmental organisations
  • Members of the media