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Saying No to Shark Fin

Through reducing the consumption, we can conserve the shark species and help restore its number to a healthy level.
Shark is not common in Hong Kong waters. But the top marine predator’s survival is strongly tied with our city. Hong Kong is the centre of the lucrative shark fin trade, accounting for about 40 per cent of the global shark fin trade every year.
The dwindling number of shark species is now severely affecting our marine ecosystem. Shark is an apex predator that keeps the numbers of other predators in check. For example, Great Whites in South Africa take down Cape Fur Seals, so the latter won’t become overpopulated and exhaust the area’s food. Unfortunately, up to 73 million of sharks are killed annually and a quarter of the world’s chondrichthyan species, including sharks, are threatened with extinction. Since sharks reach sexual maturity late (it could take up to 10 years or more!), their overall risk of extinction is substantially higher than most other vertebrate species.

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Click here to download the shark leaflet

The huge demand for the shark fin as delicacy in Chinese banquets is one of the major factors fueling global shark fisheries. There is a dearth of sustainable shark fisheries and the current demand for shark fin is just too high for any sustainable shark fisheries to meet the demand. Adding to this is the lack of traceability of shark fin products along the supply chain.
Therefore, saving sharks by saying no to buying and eating shark fin and its related products at this stage is the best solution. Every decision counts. 
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Shark Fin
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What WWF is doing?

In Hong Kong, we aim to reduce the city’s demand of shark fins by working with the public, businesses and the government. 

We encourage Hongkongers to refuse buying or consuming shark fin by taking the “No Shark Fin Pledge ”, and call on businesses not to promote, trade or consume shark fin by making the “No Shark Fin Corporate Pledge” via email.  We also lobby the logistic sector, such as shipping companies, to stop transporting shark fins.

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Shark Fin
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We encourage caterers to provide shark-fin-free banquet menus. Click here to find out which caterers have stopped serving shark fin.

Are you a restaurateur? Contact us to join the campaign!

While WWF welcomes the government’s ban on serving shark fin in official functions, forging ahead, we call for more transparent and effective monitoring of the shark fin trade by collecting and reporting comprehensive data about shark species involved, quantities, country of origin and deploy DNA test to check the legality of shark fin, particularly those whose trade is regulated by international convention. All of these are crucial to improve shark fisheries management globally.

How you can help
  • Make a pledge, say NO to shark fin! Get your family and friends involved too!
  • Dowload the shark leaflet to learn about the shark fin trade
  • Support shark-free restaurants and eateries.
  • Inform host of banquets and corporate functions in advance that you do not eat any shark fin dish
  • Go for sustainable seafood. Check our WWF-Hong Kong Seafood Guide before going grocery shopping or dining out. Stay away from the seafood in the “Red-Avoid” category, and play your part in saving our oceans.
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