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Careers and Consultancies

Together, we look to a bright, sustainable future
© Maria Chan / WWF-Hong Kong
WWF is the leading conservation organisation in Hong Kong in terms of its advocacy work and on-the-ground conservation activities, to public involvement in nurturing a green generation. Mai Po Nature Reserve has been managed by WWF-Hong Kong since 1983. With its high diversity of wetland habitats including gei wais, mangroves, intertidal mudflats and reedbeds, the reserve is an important habitat and staging site for waterbirds. Some 60,000 birds make their annual winter migration to roost in Deep Bay. In 1995, the reserve and the Inner Deep Bay wetlands were recognized as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. Visitors to Mai Po can experience nature first-hand, enriching their knowledge of Hong Kong’s natural environment and sustainable development.
Our mission continues as we aim stop the degradation of our planet’s natural environment and build a future in which people can live in harmony with nature. WWF is working in partnership with business Government, business and the community to Transform Hong Kong into Asias most sustainable city. ​

We need knowledgeable, talented people who are passionate about engaging and inspiring others.  People who share our optimism that it’s possible to change the world for the better. People who are determined to make a difference.

Are you one of those people? Then we’d love you to join us as