Empowering Youth to Speak for the Planet | WWF Hong Kong

Empowering Youth to Speak for the Planet

29 November 2017

Over 70 global youth leaders from 20 regions across Asia and Europe converged on Hong Kong for the inaugural One Planet Youth Leadership Forum from 9-13 November.
“We are delighted to host this five-day forum with these very passionate and inspirational young people from around the world to let youth speak for the planet. WWF believes that youth can be leaders in our communities on sustainability,” said Peter Cornthwaite, Chief Executive Officer, WWF-Hong Kong.
He added, “The young people that participated in the forum voiced their ideas and hopes for a better future.”
Part of WWF’s aim to provide more opportunities for young people to get involved in environmental issues, the forum lets youth share their ideas and experience on the topics of  conservation, community engagement & education, as well as biodiversity and sustainability within the framework of United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and Convention on Biological Diversity Aichi Target. Conservation experts also shared their insights and experience at the event.
“One Planet Youth engages young people in climate change issues and increases their biodiversity awareness with the rare opportunity for hands-on conservation action. I believe we can help these young people to become the next change makers,” said Alex Wong, Education Manager of WWF-Hong Kong’s One Planet Youth programme.