Hong Kong Steps Up Regulations to Combat Wildlife Crime | WWF Hong Kong

Hong Kong Steps Up Regulations to Combat Wildlife Crime

30 April 2018

[HONG KONG – 30 April 2018] The maximum penalty for smuggling and trading endangered species in Hong Kong will increase tomorrow from two years’ imprisonment to 10 years’ imprisonment, as part of the first stage of the city’s three-part ivory phase-out plan. The increased penalty covers species listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Appendix I, including ivory, rhino, pangolin and totoaba. Other species listed under Appendix II or III, such as some sharks, have also had the maximum penality for illegal trade increased to seven years’ imprisonment.
“The trade in endangered species is rampant in Hong Kong. The increased penalty, coupled with strengthened enforcement, will help deter future wildlife crime offenders from using the city as a hub for smuggling and selling. During the upcoming Labour Day holiday, WWF wants to remind the public and  travellers to refrain from purchasing ivory or other products from endangered species.” said Cheryl Lo, Manager, Wildlife Crime, WWF-Hong Kong.  
WWF continues to call on governments across Asia to follow the lead of China, Hong Kong, US and UK to take immediate action to close domestic ivory markets.