Scouts join citizen science survey at Hoi Ha Wan | WWF Hong Kong

Scouts join citizen science survey at Hoi Ha Wan

14 May 2018

“It is exciting to work with WWF to provide marine conservation-related training to our scouts,” said Andrew Cheung, a leader at the Scout Association of Hong Kong (SAHK), discussing the citizen science baseline survey that will take place at Hoi Ha Wan from April 2018 to January 2019. Cheung added, “Learning about marine ecosystems and related human impacts complements our training curriculum. They are all very excited about this upcoming activity.”

The baseline survey will include a coral spot check, water quality monitoring, a plankton diversity survey and the collection of sediment data. Training to ensure the quality of the collected data will begin in April. 

Wan Kok Ting, one of the participating scouts, who is studying an MPhil degree at the University of Hong Kong, said, “I see it as my responsibility to protect the planet. When I learned about the harm that litter is causing to marine animals and about our overflowing landfills, I was eager to help out.”

Wan previously took part in marine litter clean-ups, but was particularly excited about the upcoming baseline survey. “As a science student, I learn about ecology in school, but this can’t compare to being in the field and carrying out activities like the plankton diversity survey. The coral spot check is one of the key elements which attracted me to join the programme and this will be my very first time snorkeling. I can’t wait to meet the other scouts and work together for the future of our planet. Only with unity can we bring about change,” Wan added.

Alex Wong, Education Manager, One Planet Youth will lead the baseline survey together with a group of experts. The survey will give the scouts an overview of the current situation at Hoi Ha Wan. He said, “Over the years, there have been reports of the degradation of the coral colony in Hoi Ha Wan. This baseline survey will give us a clear understanding of what is happening in the bay area. I love the ocean and can’t see the future of it without the next generation’s engagement.” 

We will bring you updates on the scout’s baseline survey over the course of the year. Any school or organization that would like to join our citizen science programmes and unleash the power of students and youth, can find a range of activities to choose fromat our three education centres, such as Undiscovered TruthMarine Rangerand Biodiversity Discovery