WWF Draws Support from 2,500 Volunteers for Flag Day | WWF Hong Kong

WWF Draws Support from 2,500 Volunteers for Flag Day

20 December 2018

Over 2,500 volunteers stepped out to show support for WWF-Hong Kong’s (WWF) Flag Day fundraising event on Saturday December 15th, 2018. The volunteers, from toddlers to senior citizens, spread throughout Hong Kong Island to raise money for WWF’s oceans education and conservation programs. The proceeds from Saturday will go toward promoting Hong Kong’s unique local diversity and raising awareness on marine life protection.

WWF-Hong Kong CEO, Mr. Peter Cornthwaite, explained why ocean conservation is the focus of WWF’s fundraising efforts this year, “Our oceans may look and feel the same, but in many places, they are dying from continued stresses brought on by climate change, overfishing and marine litter, mainly from single-use plastics carried from the land and rivers into the sea. Flag Day supports our work to scale-up efforts to have our marine protected areas. At WWF, we are committed to ongoing marine research, including hydrophone studies to implement measures to protect and study Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises.”

WWF’s Flag Day fundraising event was approved by the Social Welfare Department. Participants received an e-certificate at the completion of volunteering. Among the 2,500 volunteers were two members of WWF Hong Kong’s senior management team, including CEO Mr. Peter Cornthwaite and Mr. Philip Mok, member of the Executive Council & Chair of Development Committee. In addition to cash donations accepted on Saturday, a special Golden Flag Donation was available on line. Supporters can donate amounts over $200 dollars and receive a Golden Flag which features marine species found in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park.

Mrs. Ruby Ng brought her two children along, “This is the first time that my children are participating in Flag Day and they are both very excited. I have always been concerned about the environment, and especially after I gave birth, I realized that we should all do something to protect our planet before it is too late.”