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“Walk for Nature” is an annual fundraising walkathon organised by WWF-Hong Kong. Held every year at Mai Po Nature Reserve, this year, our 30th Walk for Nature event will take place on 6 and 7 November (Saturday and Sunday).
The theme is “Slowcation@Mai Po” and the aim is to encourage Hong Kong’s many city dwellers to slow our fast-paced urban lifestyles down and de-stress by exploring Mai Po’s many unique and important habitats.  

Walk for Nature 2021 will feature lots of engaging activities to deepen understanding of the crucial services that Mai Po’s habitats provide that create environmental stability and protect people’s well-being. These activities will help everyone learn to embrace and protect biodiversity!

As always, the funds raised from Walk for Nature will go towards promoting WWF’s education and conservation programs.

Theme: Slowcation@Mai Po

Though the on-going pandemic has created a lot of stress for people who love travelling abroad, it’s important to remember that there are many tourist attractions here at home in Hong Kong too – and they are waiting for you to explore them!

Mai Po Nature Reserve has some of the richest biodiversity in Hong Kong and is inhabited by huge numbers of birds and other wildlife. Five distinct habitat types – gei wai (salt water shrimp ponds), freshwater ponds, mudflats, mangroves, and reedbeds – can be found in Mai Po, some with their own unique wildlife species and all playing a vital role in sustaining local biodiversity. Habitats like mangroves even provide important services to humans, like protecting coastal areas from wind and waves caused by typhoons.

Walk For Nature’s “Slowcation@Mai Po” theme encourages everyone to explore this incredible place. Participants can slow down, observe and ponder the inextricable relationship between the Mai Po wetlands, human beings and the entire ecology of life on Earth. There will be several activities to broaden understanding of Mai Po’s habitats and help people learn to protect both biodiversity and human welfare.

© WWF-Hong Kong

Route: Slowcation@Mai Po

Freely exploring Mai Po along a designated route, participants will be immersed in its beautiful scenery and have the opportunity to see bird watching hides, attend seminars by various experts, and meet our very own “animal conservationist” - buffalos.

The route will be lined with mini-games, scenic spot photo opportunities, stamp painting workshops and “bird search” activities. Participants can collect stamps after each activity and redeem them for some fun gifts. It will be an unforgettable day for everyone!

© WWF-Hong Kong
There will also be the option to uncover more secrets about Mai Po, through our Mangrove Boardwalk Tour. Accompanied by a professional eco-guide, participants will walk through a magnificent mangrove forest, enjoy beautiful views over Inner Deep Bay from a floating bird hide and catch unique glimpses of a complex, thriving mudflat ecology.