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Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme
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The Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP) aims to cut carbon emissions generated by manufacturing facilities and develop environmental social governance for manufacturers. By providing manufacturers with a carbon accounting and labeling system, LCMP helps to measure their effectiveness in reducing carbon emissions and equip them with best practices in greenhouse gas management.

Recognising the significant potential for both energy and cost saving in manufacturing, with generous sponsorship from the Green Dragon Fund, WWF Hong Kong has developed the LCMP with two renowned technical consultants – Hong Kong Productivity Council and Azure International Technology & Development (Beijing) Ltd.


By providing manufacturers with a tool to measure carbon emissions and to help them strive towards best practice, the LCMP ensures low-carbon manufacturing practices are properly learned and implemented along the supply chain, which is in line with mainland China’s national energy saving plan and carbon emissions reduction target.

Participating Companies

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Cantonese version   Mandarin version

Cantonese version   Mandarin version