We want to hear from you

Posted 31 May 2019
Peter Scott Field Studies Centre
© Chan Kai Yiu
The new Peter Scott Field Studies Centre is being planned with the needs of the Mai Po Community in mind – from design concept through to construction and then to its future operation. We are reaching out to you, as part of our community, to collect your views. The Mai Po Community includes stakeholders and neighbours in the village and various schools, community groups, youth groups and volunteers, wetland managers, researchers, academics, teachers and the many supporters of wetlands and nature habitats. We are committed to “education for sustainable development” and the protection of biodiversity.

We welcome your views on how the facility can best meet the combined needs of our community and your opinions on how the project can be delivered, in terms of its sustainable construction and high environmental standards; and how it can operate into the future as a resource centre for biodiversity that is open to all.

WWF requires contractors working on the Peter Scott Field Studies Centre rebuild to meet high environmental standards in terms of sustainable construction. Construction will not impact on the ecology or environment of nearby wetlands.  Building methods and materials have been carefully considered. This requires high standards of sustainable construction to either BEAM or LEED standards. We want to hear your views on how our proposed features can enhance the visitor experience and support a sustainable low-carbon lifestyle. 

Link to survey: https://form.jotform.me/91048562837464
Peter Scott Field Studies Centre
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