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Ecological Monitoring Survey for December – January

Posted 11 February 2020
Big Bird Race 2020
Big Bird Race 2020
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Our longest-running birdwatcher’s event, Big Bird Race, has been moved to 25 April this year. With the Saunders’s Gull as this year’s theme bird, the race is made up of a professional segment along with a secondary-school race for novice birdwatchers. Funds raised by teams directly contribute to the habitat management of Mai Po Nature Reserve, to give birds and other wildlife a better home. Be sure to sign up here and vie to spot the most species in a 12-hour period, with Mai Po Nature Reserve one of the key venues for the event!

As part of our ongoing monitoring following on from the environmental and ecological assessment report published on this site covering the demolition and rebuild at the Peter Scott Field Studies Centre, the ninth of our monthly ecological monitoring survey is now available to read here.

WWF has employed a highly-respected ecological consultancy with long experience in the Deep Bay area to ensure that potential impacts on all wildlife arising from the whole project will be fully considered and adequately mitigated.

Effective use of noise barriers will ensure the demolition and rebuild methods chosen will have the minimum of detrimental impacts on wildlife and the local community.

WWF has chosen to meet BEAM Plus Platinum standards, Hong Kong’s leading initiative to offer independent assessments of building sustainability performance. This will minimise noise, water and air pollution, and construction waste and incorporate sustainable materials and green features. 

Big Bird Race 2020
Big Bird Race 2020
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