Arrangements for Public Visits onto Mai Po Nature Reserve and Progress of Works at new PSFSC site

Posted 24 March 2021
Mai Po noticeboard
Mai Po noticeboard
© WWF-Hong Kong
Our Mai Po teams at the Long Ping visitor centre and at the reception cabin at the Peter Scott site are ready to welcome you. 

WWF’s visitor centre operations are open to connect our community with nature, offering public eco visits onto the nature reserve. Bookings can be made online at Mai Po Activities.
Guests who have booked with us can use our visitor centre near Exit B of Long Ping MTR station and enjoy our free shuttle bus service to and from Mai Po. This service will also stop at Palm Springs, an additional pick-up point to allow those driving greater flexibility by parking at Palm Springs. 
The health and safety of our visitors is a top priority. We are supporting the community health precaution measures and have implemented enhanced cleaning precautions at all our centres in line with World Health Organization and Centre for Health Protection guidelines. Measures include temperature checks and hand sanitizers for all our visitor activities, which take place in small family groups in the outdoors.
The upgrade and rebuilding of a new Peter Scott Field Studies Centre (PSFSC) meets the needs of our Mai Po Community, and will deliver a 21st Century Nature Classroom by 2022.  The project is now progressing into the construction phase, following on from the demolition works. All work on the site will be monitored with independent environmental and ecological checking. Refer to the Environmental and Ecological Assessment report for details.
Should you have any queries please feel free to contact us at: Individuals seeking to register with our Mai Po Community to get regular updates on the project can email us or call 2864-1416.
Mai Po noticeboard
Mai Po noticeboard
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