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What Can I Do

The choices we make in our daily life impact our planet’s well-being. See how you can contribute to efforts towards preserving our earth’s biodiversity.

Change what I eat

One of the best things you can do for our planet is change what you eat. Eating a healthy diet with less meat and more plant-based foods, reducing food waste, and only buying fish from sustainable sources all help to protect our planet.

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Change what I buy

Re-use, buy less, and choose nature-friendly products. For example, only buy paper and wood from recycled or sustainable sources featuring the FSC logo to be confident you’re not harming the world’s forests.

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Change to clean energy

Help combat climate change, and increase air quality by reducing your use of fossil fuels and supporting renewable energy; for example, in the way you get around and power your home.


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Ask the businesses I buy from to change

Our voices are powerful. Use yours to call for nature-friendly choices. For example, write to your supermarket and to food companies to ask that they only use palm oil that hasn’t caused deforestation.

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