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Corporate partnerships play a vital role in our work to influence the course of sustainability and conservation in Hong Kong and the region.  WWF works with companies to assess their environmental impact and build a strategic plan to reduce that impact in a way that will advance conservation, community and the company’s business objectives.

Sustainability Advisory Team

Our Sustainability Experts are available to provide advisory services and insight. Corporates wishing to arrange sessions with staff on climate finance, renewable energy and energy efficiency, trends in electric vehicles and a decarbonised world as well as looking at the challenges in ESG reporting and buildings energy efficiency can contact our corporate partnerships team at or 2161 9658.

Visits and Activities at WWF centres

We welcome corporate employee and volunteer groups (normally groups of 25 persons) visiting our Centres to learn more about conservation and sustainable living in our city environment. We run activity Centres at Mai Po Nature Reserve in Yuen Long, Island House in Tai Po, and at Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre inside Sai Kung Country Park and marine reserve.

Joining our group eco visits or other activities at one of our WWF Centres has been made easier with the online information and booking system. Special and discounted rates are available to members but we welcome all organisations and employee groups to book one of our programmes.

Companies when booking their group activity may also provide 'community ticket' funding to offer disadvantaged youths, families and disabled groups access to our visits and activities programmes. Companies are asked to support 10 community tickets for $1700, transport and other subsidies.

In 2018, WWF partnered with companies in working within communities to give the youth and disadvantaged access to citizen science projects to document the biodiversity at Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hoi Ha Wan and in other areas across Hong Kong.

Family groups and children

We also welcome smaller family groups to our public booking site HERE. Our education team offers Easter, summer and winter school holiday programmes to help families find fun and engaging activities that builds an appreciation of nature, biodiversity and sustainable living. Click HERE for more details.
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Corporate Support

Our Corporate Membership Programme (CMP) is committed to partnering with companies driving sustainable business practices. Our CMP partners can increase their competitive advantage by working with our sustainability advisors to ensure their staff have access to expertise, knowledge, experience and support on sustainability issues. We are working with corporates towards a vision to transform Hong Kong into the most sustainable city in Asia. Corporates partner with us on projects for the environment, for our society and for the participating corporate employees.

Since the programme was launched in 2000, numerous members from the business community have shown their commitment to protecting the environment by becoming our corporate member.Their support has enabled us to continue and expand our conservation and education programmes with the aim of ensuring a sustainable future for present and future generations. 
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Island House
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Corporate Membership Programme (CMP)

Special thanks to our founding members, which have been with us for more than 10 years. They are: AFSC Operations Limited, Hang Seng Bank, The Hong Kong & China Gas Company Limited, Jebsen Group, Search Investment Group, Shaw & Sons Limited and Swire Properties Limited.

See the full list of members:

Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP)

Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP) is the first programme of its kind in the world. By providing manufacturers with a carbon accounting and labelling system, LCMP helps to measure their effectiveness in reducing carbon emissions and equip them with best practice in greenhouse gas management.

WWF-Hong Kong encourages retail outlets and merchants across Hong Kong to put the fees they collect to good use and donate them to WWF in support of our conservation and education work.

Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP)

Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP) has been in operation since 2009, offering a suite of innovative and easy-to-use tools to help office-based companies measure their footprint and reduce carbon emissions from their daily operations.

Be one of our Event Sponsors

Each year, WWF events attract attention from large sections of the community and the media. Sponsoring WWF events such as Walk For Nature, Big Bird Race, Run for Wild and Earth Hour is a great way to show your company’s support for the community and the environment.
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15 Feb 2020  2-3 Nov 2019

Plastic is not Fantastic

Join our initiative to reduce demand for single-use plastic.
The plastic shopping bag charge commenced in 1 April 2015 and WWF supports the initiative to reduce plastic bag distribution across retail outlets in Hong Kong. 
Where customers are charged for each plastic shopping bag they request, we encourage retail outlets and merchants across Hong Kong to put the fees they collect to good use by supporting our programmes with schools and youth that focus on tackling the issue of single-use plastics and the impact of marine litter on our oceans. Retailers interested in joining the Plastic is NOT fantastic scheme can contact our corporate partnership team at or 2161 9658.

Brand Partnerships with WWF

WWF engages with companies to develop integrated consumer-facing campaigns that enable companies and their customers to show their support and to contribute actively to conservation. Companies may also provide funding to help support specific community based sustainability and conservation initiatives.

WWF partners with companies in work within communities, with the youth and disadvantaged to give access to citizen science projects to document the biodiversity at Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hoi Ha Wan and in other areas across Hong Kong. We spur conservation action by partnering with corporate employees and the community.