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What Hotels & Caterers Can Do

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We work with caterers and the seafood industry on many levels and devise programmes specific to their sectors:

For Caterers: Ocean-Friendly Menu Programme:
To attract a growing number of potential customers who are interested in sustainable seafood, we assist caterers in sourcing sustainable seafood, developing and providing a separate menu or additional menu containing only seafood from “Green – First Choice” and “Yellow – Second Choice” categories.

Please contact us via email for more information.
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For Suppliers: Ocean-Friendly Catalogue Programme
Designed to help seafood suppliers in their procurement of sustainable seafood, the catalogue also serves as a resource platform for potential caterers who are looking to purchase sustainable seafood. Participating suppliers are invited to develop an alternative catalogue that contains only “Green – First Choice” and “Yellow – Second Choice” seafood according to the WWF Seafood Guide. We will work with suppliers in assessing the sustainability of the seafood items. The completed catalogues will be provided to caterers interested in joining the Ocean Friendly Menu programme (OFM).

Interested suppliers can contact us via email.