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Flow Influencer - Youth Recruitment

How well is your emotional well-being? How can we boost our well-being, and even help others to improve theirs?

Studies have proven that our well-being is positively associated with our level of nature connectedness, i.e. how strongly we think and feel we are connected to nature. Hong Kong offers splendid natural scenery, however, both the level of nature connectedness and well-being index of Hong Kong people scored the lowest among 18 studied regions around the world in recent research.

WWF-Hong Kong launched the education project "Flow with Nature: Building a Thriving Flow Community" in 2024 with generous support from The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Hong Kong. This project aims to improve participants' mental well-being through reconnection with nature, empower them to facilitate others to connect with nature, and ultimately influence a wider community to make positive changes to nature and people.

Become a Flow Influencer

  • Aged 18 to 35 youth
  • Nature lovers who want to raise nature connectedness and well-being through connection to nature
  • Willing to fully engage, learn and co-create
  • Eager to boost creativity and influencing power and motivate others to improve nature connectedness and well-being
Key elements:
  • To enhance individual nature connectedness and well-being through a 6-month experiential learning journey
  • To boost creativity and influencing power through co-creation workshops
  • To create and implement activities for enhancing nature connectedness and well-being of the community

Language: Cantonese
Number of participants: max. 20
Programme period: July 2024 to January 2025

Programme Schedule
Date & Time Activities Location
20/7/2024 (Sat)
10am - 5pm
Orientation; Learn about nature connectedness Island House Conservation Studies Centre
4/8/2024 (Sun)
10am - 6pm
Experiential learning in nature; Tidal zone & snorkel exploration Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park
18/8/2024 (Sun)
10am - 5pm
Experiential learning in nature; Co-creation learning workshop 1 To be confirmed
8/9/2024 (Sun)
10am - 5pm
Experiential learning in nature; Co-creation learning workshop 2 To be confirmed
3 pm, 21/9/2024 (Sat) to
12nn, 22/9/2024 (Sun)
Mai Po overnight experience Mai Po Nature Reserve & Visitor Centre
6/10/2024 (Sun)
10am - 5pm
Experiential learning in nature; Co-creation learning workshop 3 Mai Po & San Tin
October to December 2024
Flow with Nature - Co-creation & Action Participants will form groups to co-create and implement activities with WWF that aim to raise nature connectedness and well-being of others - becoming a group of Flow Influencers.
12/1/2025 (Sun)
10am - 5pm
Reflection & Closing
  1. Application deadline: 12:00 noon, 17 June 2024.
  2. When there is overapplication, WWF may invite applicants to attend interviews and shortlist the final 20 participants.
  3. Selected participants will be required to pay a deposit of HK$800 on the first day of the programme.
  4. Full refund of deposit and certificate of completion will be presented to participants who have attained an attendance rate of at least 70% and completed "Flow with Nature - Co-creation & Action".
  5. WWF may use photos and videos taken in the activities for promotion (e.g. newsletters and website).
  6. Participants may be invited to provide data and feedback (e.g. questionnaires and interviews) for research and evaluation.

Enquiry Email: flow@wwf.org.hk


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