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WWF launches Hong Kong's first "Sustainable Seafood School Catering Programme" offering students environmentally-friendly messages with their meals (25 Nov 2009)

"It's time to dine!" Over 100 primary students will enjoy lunch-boxes with sustainable seafood, and learn environmentally-friendly concepts at the same time

"It's time to dine!" Over 100 primary students will enjoy lunch-boxes with sustainable seafood, and learn environmentally-friendly concepts at the same time. Students are the future of the planet, so it is important to enhance their awareness of how to sustain healthy oceans. Let's start by what we eat! WWF has launched Hong Kong's first "Sustainable Seafood School Catering Programme" to encourage schools and their caterers to follow the "Seafood Guide", and provide WWF "Recommended" seafood only. This will promote the message of ocean protection to students as well as their parents.

WWF-Hong Kong Education Committee Chairman Dr KC Pang says, ‘WWF first introduced the concept of sustainable seafood 2 years ago and received support from Elegantia College, which offered students a choice of sustainable seafood in their school lunch-boxes on the first Friday of each month. Due to the positive response from the school and the students, we decided to launch the "Sustainable Seafood School Catering Programme", aimed at increasing students' awareness of marine conservation, through educational activities in Hong Kong, as well as introducing the environmentally-friendly notion of consuming sustainable seafood. This can change the dining habits of future generations and educate them about the important concepts of sustainable development.'

The "Sustainable Seafood School Catering Programme" is a 2-year outreach education programme sponsored by the Sustainable Development Fund and organised by WWF. Ten primary schools together with their caterers, teachers, students and parents were invited to join the programme

"Our school is delighted to join WWF – Hong Kong's "Sustainable Seafood School Catering Programme". We hope to enable students and parents to understand the importance of marine conservation through the programme, so as to protect the environment and create a sustainable global village. This is the responsibility of us all. Through systematic educational activities, we also hope that students can put the environmentally-friendly messages into practice in daily life, which range from increased awareness to changes in attitudes and behaviour. This will bring about important change for our earth," said Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School Principal Ms Sylvia Chan.

Caterers should also develop initiatives to meet market needs in order to keep competitive. Providing sustainable food choices is a new direction for the industry. Mr. Jason Wong, Business General Manager of Sailing Boat Catering Management Limited pointed out, ‘Our company has been responding to environmental-protection actions for many years and has already received recognition from the academic sector. Joining WWF's initiative in promoting sustainable seafood this time not only allow us to educate future generations to treasure our precious marine resources, but also to fulfil our company's corporate responsibility.'

At the launch ceremony, student representatives formed teams with guests in a cooking demonstration of dishes such as Abalone Mushroom with Fried Clam, Grilled Salmon with Olive Oil, and Scallop Pastry Tape Boxes. Later, over a hundred students and guests enjoyed the sustainable seafood lunch-boxes together, taking another important step towards sustainable living.

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