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Shui Hau’s sandflats cover an area of 30 hectares, making it the largest in southern Lantau. During low tide, the sandflat is known for the “sky mirror” effect it produces. Local villagers live a life closely connected with the natural environment. WWF launched ECF Sustainable Shui Hau project to preserve the area’s high ecological value, reduce the impact of ecotourism, and encourage the long-term sustainable use of coastal resources. We have also published a report to capture the key findings of our previous ecological surveys, code of conduct, clam gauge, Shui Hau walking map and WWF’s recommendations. To review the full report, click the link and download now.

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To encourage the public to know more about Shui Hau and join us protecting this beautiful place, we have created a Shui Hau Walking Map, covering Shui Hau Village and Shui Hau Bay. Click the below links to download the map.


Shui Hau Village

Shui Hau Village is located in South Lantau. Over the past 300 years, the villagers here have developed a unique relationship with the surrounding environment. Click the link and download the Shui Hau Village Walking Map.

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Shui Hau Bay

Shui Hau Bay The vast mudflats at Shui Hau Bay are ten minutes by foot from Shui Hau Village. There you will be greeted by breathtaking scenery. It is home to various wildlife. Click the link and download the Shui Hau Bay Walking Map.

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