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The seafood choices made in Hong Kong have significant impact on the fishery resources of the nearby South China Sea and those of oceans around the globe. As one of the most important sources of daily commodities, including seafood, supermarkets in Hong Kong play an important role in promoting sustainable seafood

WWF is determined to work with the supermarket sector to put in place a comprehensive sustainable seafood procurement policy.
Operated mainly by 29 supermarket brands owned by nine groups or companies, Hong Kong's supermarkets comprise more than 60 per cent market share of the city's food retail sector. Through WWF’s action and collaboration with supermarkets we can take another step towards transforming Hong Kong into the most sustainable city in Asia.


Set sustainable seafood targets
Avoid sourcing or selling threatened species
Ensure proper labelling (including species name, country of origin and whether wild caught or farmed)
Effectively monitor seafood for harmful chemical residues (including antibiotics)
Proactively identify and work with suppliers to address social issues associated with products (for e.g. alleged human rights abuse)
Publicise the sustainable seafood procurement policy