WWF works with global shipping companies to draft “no shark fin” industry guidelines

Posted 20 December 2016
Today, around one quarter of the world’s shark and ray species are threatened with extinction. While responsible trade is vital to conservation work, conservationists need to cast their net wider and work with companies in the logistics sector to bolster protection for threatened species. These companies are encouraged to enact “no shark fin” carriage policies which will reduce their exposure to the legal, environmental and reputational risks involved in carrying shark fin cargo.
In 2015, 92 per cent of shark fin by volume was imported into Hong Kong by ocean. After more than 18 months of working closely with the top 20 global shipping companies, WWF-Hong Kong is delighted that many of these companies – accounting for 68 per cent of the total shipping industry market share – have set up “no shark fin” policies.
To support the industry in moving towards sustainable shipping, WWF-Hong Kong is now working closely with these shipping companies to share best practices with the goal of producing guidelines on how to successfully and effectively implement “no shark fin” carriage policies across the entire industry.
WWF-Hong Kong would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the shipping companies that have not only pledged to stop carrying shark fin but who are also partnering with us to produce workable guidelines for this enormous global industry to follow, helping to create a brighter future for the world’s sharks.