Chinese White Dolphin - Cumulative impact

WWF is deeply concerned with the cumulative impacts from habitat loss and disturbance from previous and upcoming developments. Many other existing or upcoming development projects involve dredging, dumping and reclamation etc. These threats, combined with a cocktail of other threats and challenges, are definitely a danger to the Chinese white dolphin, which need to inhabit the remaining limited water areas in order to survive.

Major development projects causing permanent loss of Chinese white dolphin habitats in Hong Kong western waters include:

Projects completed or ongoing Area (ha)
Tung Chung Development 128
Lantau Link Project & North Lantau Highway ~ 30
Hong Kong International Airport 938
Tuen Mun Area 38 61
Penny's Bay Development 280
Tai O Development Plan 12.8
Projects will be conducted soon  
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge - Link Road & Boundary Crossing Facilities >130
Projects under planning  
Lantau Logistics Park 130
Hong Kong Airport Third Runway >300

Major development projects causing disturbance to seabed in Chinese white dolphin habitats in Hong Kong western waters:

Projects completed or ongoing Area (ha)
East Sha Chau Contaminated Mud Pit Facility >300
Projects to be conducted soon  
South Brothers Contaminated Mud Pit Facility 153

The current environmental impact assessment (EIA) process fails to effectively address the cumulative impacts of multiple development projects on Chinese white dolphins.