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Other Donation Methods
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Besides online donation, you can donate via the following ways to help WWF’s conservation and education work.

You can make your special occasions not only memorable, but remarkable. Be it birthday, wedding, or anniversary…when remembering special days that matter to you or your loved ones, why not make them even more special and meaningful by donating to WWF? You can make our planet a better place in the name of your special events and inspire more people to incorporate philanthropy into their special occasions.

Please call 2526 1011 or email supporter@wwf.org.hk for arrangement / more information.

Legacy through a Will/Insurance Policy

Legacy is one of our most treasured gifts because it helps support our conservation work and vision in a sustainable way. Notwithstanding the size of your planned gifts, they will certainly create great impact and allow flexibility in WWF’s current and future initiatives to promote the planet’s sustainability.

There are several ways to donate to WWF-Hong Kong through your will or Insurance Policy. They include:

  • A Residual gift - After you have specified all your wishes for your family and friends, you may want to leave part of what is left from your Estate (the Residue) 
  • A Pecuniary gift - Allows you to leave a fixed sum of money in your will to your favourite cause
  • A Specific named item - For example, a piece of jewellery, shares, bonds or other gifts
  • A Gift of Life Insurance - State WWF-Hong Kong as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, to donate the whole or a percentage of the sum assured to us

Bank Deposit

You can deposit your donation into our HSBC account through the ATM machine or any bank branches.

Name of Beneficiary: World Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong
Account no.:#004-111-385316-001

Crossed Cheque

You can make a cheque payable to “World Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong” and send it to our Supporter Care Team.

Address: Supporter Care Team, WWF-Hong Kong, 15/F, Manhattan Centre, 8 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong

Cash Donation

You can come in person to our Central Office to make the donation. Address: No. 1 Tramway Path, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday (Tuesday closed) 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday 10:00am – 7:00pm
*Except Christmas and Chinese New Year Holidays


You can dial PPS hotline [18033 (Chinese) / 18031 (English)] or via ppshk.com to make your donation; the reference number is donor’s 8-digit phone number.
The merchant code of WWF:9502

Street fundraising

Our WWF Ambassadors are out on the field daily to collect your views on what concerns you most about Hong Kong’s environmental policies. Fanning across Hong Kong, our ambassadors are also there to introduce to the public WWF’s conservation works and raise funds for various projects.
So the next time you see our ambassadors, do spend time to catch up on our latest projects. You’re also welcome to share with them your thoughts and ideas about improving our environment!

“Coins for Change” Donation Box 

Your small change can make a big difference! The coins also work in protecting our precious environment. You can drop them (local currency only) off at WWF’s donation boxes in locations across Hong Kong. 
*Only coins in local currency can be handled and accepted.

Donation Box Placement

We welcome corporations and organisations to place WWF's donation boxes in shopping malls and stores to collect donations. The public's generous support enables us to continue our conservation and education work. For details, please contact us at +852 25261011or by email to supporter@wwf.org.hk. Or please click here for the application form.

Other online donation platform

  • JustGiving – Be it running a marathon, taking part in a cycling competition or celebrating any special occasion, you can start your own fundraising page through justgiving.com and help us raise funds!
  • Twopresents–This platform allows kids to share their birthday joy with a charity of their choice. Go to twopresents.com and select WWF as the beneficiary.